Namescape Help

Using the Namescape website

You can use the Namescape website to submit files, text or a URL to go through named entity recognition. To do so, several parameters must be set through the HTML form:
  • The input format: Namescape supports several different input formats. This is most relevant with file uploads, but may also factor into URLs.
  • Output type: Namescape can provide the result as a link to the tagged file, or output the resulting TEI structure immediately. Keep in mind that the INL does not guarantee persistence of the linked result files for more than a couple of hours.
  • Tagger type: Namescape provides two taggers: the Impact tagger and the Stanford tagger.

Using the Namescape webservice

Namescape can also be called as a REST webservice which returns responses in XML, allowing it to be part of a webservice tool chain. The URLs for calling the Namescape tagger are as follows: Each of these expects a number of parameters:
  • input: (mandatory) the text (as a string), URL (as a string) or files (as form/multipart file upload) to process.
  • format: (mandatory) the format of the input. Supported values are:
    • text: plain text
    • html: HTML encoded text
    • epub: EPUB e-book format
    • word: Microsoft word format (.doc)
    • tei: TEI encoded text
  • output: the format of the output. Supported values are:
    • link: (default) tagger results are provided as links
    • raw: tagger results are provided as TEI code directly
  • tagger: the tagger to use. Supported values are:
    • impact: (default) Impact tagger
    • stanford: Stanford tagger